Player Loyalty

MAX provides the Cougar Player Loyalty system in Qld.

This system allows the venue to identify, retain and reward their most important customers and  includes a range of promotional tools, reporting packages and card based membership services.

The Cougar system generates a database that holds information on player details and gaming activity which can be used to design future promotional activity and loyalty programs. The system allows for detailed analysis of patron preferences and reward points with a comprehensive range of reports available including:

  • Top Players
  • Members Birthdays
  • Play by Turnover, Wins and Average Bet Value.

MAX Player Loyalty also incorporates Patron Validation, Patron Tracking across games, Promotions while adding Bonus Points and Redemption control.

The facilitation of the Player Loyalty System requires a number of components to be installed at the gaming venue including a Card Services Server, Card Readers or Wedges with the added value of Player Kiosks and Virtual Barrel Draw for Promotional purposes.

Additional services include interfacing with most proprietary POS systems for a fully integrated promotional and reward offer to the patron.

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