My Cash FAQs

Q. What is Card Based Play?

A. Card Based Play is a system that offers the convenience of a 'Gaming Account' that allows patrons to move the funds around a gaming room.

Q. How do patrons register for an account?

A. Existing gaming patrons with a loyalty card already have a MyCash Standard account.  If they wish to open the account then registration can be conducted at the player kiosk or vector unit and takes about 10 seconds.

Q. How does a patron add funds to their account?

A. Funds can be added to account via inserting money into a gaming machine, deposit via eCash Floor CRT or deposits to accounts can also be performed at the cashier station (limitations apply).

 Q. Do patrons need a new membership card?

A. No. The MyCash account is linked to their current Membership card.
Q. Do I need to install any new hardware?
A. MyCash runs on standard MAX Gemini and Vector Units. If you already use Cougar Loyalty, then you are ready for MyCash.
Q. Do MyCash Members have to do anything differently to play a Gaming Machine?
A. No. MyCash has been designed around the way your current members play – pick a machine, insert membership card and play. When they are ready to change machines, simply press collect and move to the next machine.

Q. Does a patron need to be enrolled in the loyalty system to use MyCash?

A. No. If the patron wants the convenience but not the commitment, MyCash offers a ' Visitor Account' that is valid for 30 days. While no identification is required to open an account of this type it must be noted that it does not have the security of a membership card.

Q. What is the maximum amount a patron can have on their account?

A. Visitor - $5000 limit

Standard - $10,000 limit

Venue cash payout limits will still apply.

Q. How safe are patron's funds?

A. Withdrawals from the account only take place at the cashier station or eCash Floor CRT and a PIN number must be entered for all withdrawals. At no point will staff know a patron's PIN.

Additionally, timeouts can be configured by the patron to increase the security of their funds. This can be completed via Kiosk or Vector unit.

At the end of every gaming day MAX will sweep patron funds that have not been spent from the site. These funds will be held in trust on behalf of the patron to ensure fund availability when required.

 Q. If a patron forgets the PIN can they still access their money?

A. Yes. The cashier can reset a PIN number when they are satisfied that a patron presenting the MyCash card is the rightful owner of the account.

 Q. Does a patron need to enter a PIN number each time they want to start playing at a new machine?

A. No.  Unless they decide to take advantage of the security of a Card Inactivity Timeout a PIN is not required to start play.  If a Card Inactivity Timeout has been activated, they only need to enter their PIN for the first session each day (depending on length of timeout).

 Q. Do patrons have to set a spend limit?

A. No, setting a spend limit is optional.

 Q. How much detail is sent to the government regarding MyCash play and patron balances?

A. In line with the Privacy Act, no player information is shared with any third party without the express permission of the player associated with that account.

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