OLGR have given approval for the MyCash system to be installed and used in Queensland Clubs and Hotels.

My Cash is MAX's solution to the Card Based Gaming or 'Cashless Gaming' and 'Player Protection' questions in Queensland.

It is a system that replaces the cash component of handpays when patrons are collecting credits on a gaming machine. As a card is used for all gaming sessions it gives patrons the opportunity to pre-commit and limit the amount of money or time they want to spend gaming.

With MyCash a patron interacts with the machine using a card which is linked to a secure account that has funds attached to it.


The patron moves around a gaming floor inserting their player card into a gaming machine which then transfers credits on the machine.


These credits are then played, at the end of the play session any residual credits on the machine will be transferred back to the patron’s account. If at any time during these gaming sessions the patron exceeds either their spend or time 'limits' the card will be de-activated and can no longer be used during that gaming day.


The flexibility of the system allows for machines to operate in cashless or cash mode within a venue allowing for a soft launch while the facility gains patron acceptance.


There are 2 types of player account - Standard and Visitor, which allows for patron to retain anonymity while still allowing them access to player protection facilities such as self-imposed spend limits and session reminders.


MAX has undergone extensive market and regulatory consultation in the development of the product and are confident that we are delivering the next major evolution in gaming technology.


For more information contact your MAX Account Manager.



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