•  Make any ordinary standalone game into an extraordinary game, with a stand-alone Jackpot

  • Give your players a real bonus stand-alone jackpot on their favourite games

  • Don’t steal from the game they love to fund a jackpot prize


Walk into any gaming room in Queensland and you can expect to see many classic ‘ordinary’ standalone games, they might not have the same draw as some new machines but are still favourites among many players.

With Maxgaming’s new My Jackpot you can make the ordinary Extraordinary by adding standalone jackpots to classic standard games. Revive the appeal of your old games without having to completely replace them with new ones. You can add a My Jackpot topper to any standard game with 1, 2 or 3 exclusive jackpots whilst having full control over the RTP in the base game and the standalone jackpot levels.

Another innovation only available from Maxgaming, My Jackpot consists of a 19 inch LED topper screen with an inbuilt computer that delivers the standalone jackpot functionality. Various jackpot themes including My Jackpots ‘Classic’ and Mystic Dragon will be available and choose from our 29 pre-approved jackpot levels or customise your own.

My Jackpot is OLGR approved in Queensland and ready to install.

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NB "Incorporates technology covered by Australian Patent #714299, used under licence"

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