MAX provides monitoring and value add services such as wide area linked jackpots to gaming venues in New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

With over 135,000 machines across its network, MAX is the largest monitor of gaming machines in the world.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Tatts Group, MAX entered the gaming machine monitoring business in 1998 when it became the first LMO (licensed monitoring operator) to be production approved by the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation (QOGR).

Today our gaming business monitors over 35,000 gaming machines in both Queensland and the Northern Territory and over 100,000 machines in New South Wales.

 In 1998

Following a Review of Regulatory Gaming Machine Arrangements, the Government negotiated a package of changes with industry participants. This resulted in 2 dramatic changes to the gaming landscape.

1. The introduction of third party Licensed Monitoring Operators (LMOs) who would take over the electronic monitoring of gaming machines in licensed clubs and hotels

2. The Government ceased ownership of gaming machines and allowed venues to purchase these directly from manufacturers.

This resulted in the creation of UNiTAB Gaming who acquired an LMO license along with 6 other companies.

1999 - 2003

There was fierce competition between the LMOs to sign up sites for Monitoring Services. Market forces made it evident that the industry could not sustain so many LMO organisations, consequently consolidation of LMOs occurred at a rapid pace.

In 1999 UNiTAB purchased Golden Gaming from Golden Casket, in the same year Jupiters Machine Gaming acquired the QES monitoring business.

In 2000 UNiTAB purchased Tattersalls Gaming giving us almost 40% of the monitoring market.

In 2003 TABCORP acquired Jupiters Limited resulting in the merging of Jupiters Machine Gaming and the TABCORP monitoring service. This resulted in Jupiters Machine Gaming monitoring nearly 40% of the operational machines in the state.

In 2005

On 1 January 2005 UNiTAB acquired the Jupiters Machine Gaming (JMG) and NSW Monitoring and Statewide Linked Jackpot systems from TABCORP. 

The result of these acquisitions created Maxgaming.

In 2016

As of August 2016 the Maxgaming monitoring company and Bytecraft maintenance brand merged under one name - MAX. 

MAX is the leading Monitoring company in QLD, monitoring more than 80% of the market.

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